YOHAI COHEN, oud player, vocalist and percussionist, Sephardi music expert

Yohai Cohen, internationally renowned oud player, vocalist and percussionist, an Australian citizen, born  to Moroccan parents in Israel. His rise in the music world has been remarkable. At only 28 years of age, Cohen  he has moved from student to teacher of oud. His expertise was honed   at Monash University, where he studied music and also oud from a Syrian teacher, Adnan Barak.

He performs the music of his roots: Moroccan Andalusian and cha’abi (popular) music in Hebrew, Ladino and Arabic,  a tapestry of foot-stomping songs of celebration and glorious melancholy hymns..

Yohai Cohen has performed and recorded with outstanding musicians such as Idan Raichel, Yemen Blues and the Piyut Ensemble. He toured Australia, performed in festivals,  in major venues in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, mainly Moroccan Jewish music .