LEVIN, MORDECHAI ARYEH, Cantor, expert in Sephardi traditional and Jewish sacred music

Mordechai Aryeh Levin has established himself as an artist in the field of liturgical music, otherwise known as chazzanut. After studying voice for 7+ years through institutions such as, Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne City Opera, Cantor Levin had made his musical voice officiating as senior Cantor of Elwood Talmud Torah Congregation. Cantor Levin has sung alongside the great piano virtuoso Menachem Bristowski, as well as the accomplished American Cantor Yanky Lemmer and has done countless recitals in hopes to keep the flame of Jewish liturgical music alive from both the Ashkanazy (Eastern European), as well as Sephardi (Latin/Mediterranean/African) traditions.

Being of mixed heritage, Cantor Levin emphasises the need for unity and peace amongst the various cultures and traditions and believes that this present-day challenge may come to an end through the power of unification through the arts, particularly culturally diverse music.

Cantor Levin currently studies Psychological sciences at Swinburne University of Technology and serves as a Social Behavioural facilitator at Mount Scopus College.