LILIA DUTOVA, B.A. Artistic Director 1, Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Character Dance Expert

Lilia Dutova was born in Russia in 1972.

She started dancing at the age of four. She danced and studied at the State Ensemble of Siberia (Siberian Cossaks).

She taught  children rhythmics, classical and character dancing  and prepared them to enter the dancing school from her age 14.

In 1994 she graduated the Far East University of Culture, and was awarded a Diploma in  Choreography and Ballet.

She danced at the State Dance Co. of Siberia under M. Godenko. Later she has worked in a number of ensembles in the Russian Federation.

She is an expert in character dance of different nationalities, such as Russian, Polish, Gypsy, Spanish, Italian, Jewish, Greek, etc.

In 1998 she migrated to Australia. She took over the role of the Choreographer and Dance Teacher of the Rousichi Russian Dance Ensemble and started to give private dance tuition lessons.  She formed the Unicorns Children’s Dance Studio she is an Artistic Director of.

Her dance groups performed in many  festivals and theatre events.