LALITHA NARAYANAN, Director, Nrithyopasana  School of Bharatantyam

Introduced to Bharatanatyam at the age of 5, Mrs Lalitha Narayanan was one among the senior disciples of Prof Smt. Kalakshetra Vilasini (“Nrithyasri”-Academy for classical dances in Kerala).  With true passion, dedication and strenuous training, Lalitha spent more than a decade with “Nrithyasri” academy and went on to perform at various stages across different cities in India accompanying her Guru in many of her significant dance productions and compositions

She continued her passion, under renowned Guru (Late) Sri. Padmashri Adyar K Lakshman and his daughter Smt. Induvadana Malli.  Their guidance enabled Lalitha to stand out for her versatility, and her impressive stage presence were appreciated by many.

Her passion in taking the art form to the upcoming generations, and with more than 23 years of learning and performing,  lead the way to the founding of Nrithyopasana School of Bharatanatyam, in VIC  an initiative to spread the dance form amongst the passionate. Lalitha Narayanan also scripted and choreographed artistic pieces and performed at different venues of Australia . She has had the privilege to have been invited to perform at various multicultural events  and her  agility and emotions in her performances have always been a delight to the audience.

Nrithyopasana  Shool also extended  it s presence in South Eastern and West part of Melbourne. The school  carries  a motive of building a better society and promoting multicultural values and  frequently performs at various stages of Melbourne  supporting  the community events

Milestones in her journey

  • Represented and won awards at South Zone and National Level competitions in India
  • Participated at the Buddha Jayanti festival at the Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
  • Performed for the “Multicultural Express” event in 2013 supporting Metro Victoria against racism (Broadcasted on SBS channel)
  • Performed for multicultural event organized by Victorian Tamil Cultural Association (posted in ‘Dandenong Journal’)
  • Regular performances at various community, multicultural events and festivals across Australia