IYER BROTHERS, veena players, Indian Classical Music Experts

Melbourne-based twin brothers Ramnath Iyer and Gopinath Iyer learnt Carnatic music and the art of veena playing from the internationally acclaimed Shri R. Pichumani and Trivandrum Shri R.Venkataraman. Australia’s leading exponents of the veena, the Iyer Brothers have made a name for themselves in Australia and overseas as a unique duo in Indian music. Their music is both exciting and complex, beautiful and challenging.

The brothers are annually featured in the December music festival in Chennai, India and have received rave reviews from the press. In 2003 the brothers were adjudged as the best veena artists at the Music Academy and the Indian Fine Arts Society, Chennai.

The brothers established the Pichumani School of Carnatic Music in Melbourne in 1990 and have been teaching veena playing and vocal music to a dedicated group of students. They have also presented four of their senior students in full-length solo veena and vocal recitals.