HABIBI, ARMAN, composer, santour player, expert in Persian traditional and Baha’i music

Arman Habibi completed MA in Music, Composition and Teaching at St Petersbourg ‘s State  Conservatory on 2008 and Postgraduate Studies at Melbourne VCA in 2010.

He started teaching santour in Tehran, Iran, in 1996. He was a lecturer of Theory of Music  and Theory of Persian Music at the Baha’i  Academy of  Music, Tehran, Iran between 1999-2002. He taught Master Classes of History and the System of  Persian Music at Tbilisi Conservatory, Georgia between 2002- 2004. He has been teaching santour at the Victorian Persian Arts Centre in Melbourne Australia, since his migration.

He started to perform santour in 1995 and was awarded 1st place at Fajr Youth Festival, Tehran, Iran.  He performed in santour  Music Concerts  in Dubai, Kuwait and Tehran, Iran,  between 1998 and 2002.  He was awarded 1st Place in the  Oriental Poetic Tournament at  St Petersburg Hermitage, Russia, 2005.  He performed at the International Youth Summit of  Performers of  santour traditional music in Russia in 2006. As a member of the “Laterna Magica” Medieval Ensemble he gave medieval music concerts in Russia and Ukraine between 2005-2008. He gave solo concerts in Melbourne, Australia since 2010, also as a member of the Saba Ensemble  in 2010 and solo concerts at NIIM in 2011 and 2012.   He performed in the Holy Melbourne  Multi-faith Concert in 2010 at Melbourne Town Hall and at the WE ARE THE WORLD! Bring a bell! Concert in Bendigo.

Arman started to compose music in 1998: santour and Traditional Ensemble pieces, in 2004  a String Quartet, in 2007 his First Symphony, between  2006 and 2008 Music for Russian 1st TV channel (short films) and numerous pieces for the Medieval Ensemble. In 2007 Arman composed a Ballet Music: ”Hafiz 1921” for the Marinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2010 he composed  Conversation,  for santour, different western instruments and Choral Pieces. In 2011 and 2012 he composed a variety of Pieces for choir and for the  Persian Music Ensemble “Saba”.

He was owner of the Baran Music Institute, Tehran, Iran between 2000-2003.

He has been the President of the Cosmic Harmony Foundation Inc. since March 2018.

He is proficient in English, Russian and Persian languages.

Arman is a staff member of  Victoria’s Iranian House Of Music.