JONES, GEOFF, Scottish pipe player, expert in Celtic traditional music

Geoff is an accomplished musician who plays and teaches the Great Highland Bagpipe, Scottish small pipe, Northumbrian smallpipe, Border pipes and other instruments. Geoff’s playing style is influenced by his passion for traditional Scottish culture, piping and dance music. He has been involved with pipe and folk bands for almost 30 years.

Geoff began learning the Great Highland Bagpipe in 1988 with the City of Berwick Pipes & Drums (Victoria, Australia). After playing with them for 5 – 6 years he joined the City of Nunawading Highland Pipe Band with whom he played with for a further 5 – 6 years, progressing through the ranks from Grade 4 to Grade 1.

Whilst playing in these bands, Geoff competed in solo piping competitions.  Throughout his involvement with Highland piping, Geoff has been interested in all aspects of piping, including interest with other types of pipes. Geoff studied the bagpipes for VCE Music and made electronic bagpipes too.

For several years, Geoff was the editor of Pipe Bands Victoria, the monthly magazine of the Victorian Highland Pipe Bands Association. Geoff was also involved in the Pipers’ Club of Victoria until it folded in the early 1990s and was the Official Piper to the Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria for many years. Geoff is the current president of the Celtic Piping Club Inc. and a member of the Celtic Club.

In the mid-1990s, Geoff became interested in folk music and branched out to play various types of pipes at music sessions and festivals. Geoff has played the pipes in the bands Corryvreckan and Taliska, and as a guest piper for several bands and artists, including Area 7, Thunderstruck, the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Eilean Mor, Donegal Express, Myra MacRae Band, Cath Connelly, Jamie McKinnon and Braemar and recorded CDs with  these performers.

Geoff has won the Overseas Class of the Lowland & Border Pipers Society Annual Competition in 2014& 2015.

Geoff began teaching the pipes during his time with the Nunawading Pipe Band and taught pupils at Nunawading and at the Geelong RSL Pipes & Drums, and currently teaches privately. Geoff’s students range from school younger beginners to older, more experienced players.

Geoff is currently working towards providing certificate level tuition and is producing a book, aimed at beginner to advanced pipers, covering all aspects of the piping world, including the history, famous players, pipe-makers and tutors, music theory, performance, tuition, exercises and tunes, maintenance and other information and references. An abridged version of this book was submitted to the National Folk Festival in Canberra for their education program and is also available on his website.

Geoff currently plays the Great Highland Bagpipe, Scottish & Northumbrian Small pipes, Border pipes, tin whistles and other instruments. Geoff offers services for piping performances (weddings, parties, functions, etc.)

Geoff offers his service for piping performances, tuition, workshops and maintenance / repairs.