BULENT SABAH, multi-instrumentalist, expert in Armenian and Turkish traditional music

Bülent Sabah was born in Diyarbakir Turkey in 1949. He started music by playing Cumbus at the age of 8, later on started playing violin at the age of 11. He listened to many Gramophone recordings in early childhood. His father was an amateur Cumbus player, with his help Bulent and his two other brothers Coskun and Taskin started their pathway in music. In 1966 they moved to Istanbul. In 1970’s Bulent accompanied many great artists and singers including Zeki Müren, Bülent Ersoy, Muazzez Abacı, Emel Sayın, Neşe Karaböcek, Sevim Tanürek and many more with his Violin. In 1979 he married Sevim Sabah. They have a son, Serkan and a daughter Sevil. In 1983 he  became a solo artist as a vocalist, also  incorporating the  Oud and  Violin into his performances. In 1991 he moved to Melbourne, Australia with his family. He ran a restaurant with live music where he performed together with his son for 6 years. Up until now they have performed in numerous venues around Melbourne. Performed concerts in Istanbul, Amsterdam,   New Jersey, Los Angeles,  Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Bulent specialises in Turkish and Armenian traditional music and Arabesque styles.