ARMEN ANOUCHIAN, duduk player

Armen Anouchian was born in Marseille, France. He started to play duduk at age 14. He studied duduk in France from  Micheal Vemian, duduk teacher. A year later he stayed in Armenia for several months for an intensive training in duduk playing by Master Georgy Minasov, renowned duduk player. He kept his ongoing training by visiting  his Master every year for one month intensives until his age 20.  He performed  with an orchestra in several places in France from Marseille to Paris,  in social occasions and concerts of Armenian music, also in Opera in Sofia, Bulgaria, and in Opera in Yerevan, Armenia. He lives currently in New Zealand. He is dedicated to maintaining his cultural heritage. In the absence of Armenian duduk players in Australia, he is happy to volunteer his input into the segment of the Armenian music and dance in the WE ARE THE WORLD! Bring a bell! Concert 2019 in Melbourne.