Acequia performs traditional music from all the different regions of Bolivia, as well as some popular traditional rhythms from all around South America such as: Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Brazil.

In  2006 Acequia started  with a mixture of South American melodies performing in small Spanish communities in Victoria. At the beginning of 2007 the group firmly established their own musical style which reflects their culture originating from Bolivia in its many varieties, not only presenting the Andean style,  but having a wider focus stretching from regions from East to West and the North of the American continent.

Enhancing their energetic performance with traditional dances in authentic costumes brings a richer experience of the Spanish South American culture. The name Acequia is a word in Spanish language,  meaning  “channel”, a channel through which the culture of South America flows, a traditional music which has spread internationally, breaking down barriers and allowing all to experience and appreciate its beauty and value.

Acequia looks forward to participate in various festivals through Victoria and other states  and countries, to share the South American early Inca styles and Spanish  influences, to present their past and current folk styles of music and dance.