Our 2 hour programs include a broad selection of musical and dance styles from the  cultural heritage of Victoria, which is also a world music repertoire.

Leading exponents of their art: professional musicians, choirs, vocalists and instrumentalists, present the program as one musical unit. They ring Melbourne’s famous Federation hand-held bells throughout the entire program, from each performer’s segment to the next, creating a seamless flow of sound. Over 120 performers and audience join in bell ringing,  creating a powerful spirit of unity and togetherness, celebrating the beauty of our diversity, as one community,  as one world…

In addition to the permanent members of our Live Traditions Display Team of the WE ARE THE WORLD! Bring a bell! Concerts, the performers of our Concert also include some  guest performers.

The program of our Concerts, organised by our Association, the Cosmic Harmony Foundation Inc.- expert in promoting cultural heritage since 1997 (http://www.cosmicharmonyfoundation.net ),  is  especially designed for family viewing by all communities and for  national and  international tourists to enjoy.

The holder of the brand name of is the Mt Battery Unity in Diversity Trust (http://www.ecoharmonyvalues.info ).With permission, we keep organising these Concerts, applying the Syllabus of the WE ARE THE WORLD! Bring a bell! Concerts™.

Permission is possible to obtain for the use of the brand name of the WE ARE THE WORLD! Bring a bell! Concerts™ by contacting the Mt Battery Unity in Diversity Trust (mail@ecoharmonyvalues.info).

A sample of our Concerts is below: the Collage of the 2018 Concert held at Melbourne Town Hall.